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sunshine and mountains

It rained a lot this week. Huge crazy rain with strong winds and flooded streets. Then today the sun came out. The mountains came out. Mostly. Then, just as the sun was setting the clouds flitted away and the snow-capped … Continue reading

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Maddie – three years old

One of the hardest things about living across the country from family is not being there to see my niece grow up. She turned three at the end of August. I was able to go back a few times this … Continue reading

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Maddie – age 3 – sneak peek

Just one of my niece’s ‘three year old pictures’, which actually happened twice, once in August just before she turned three and once in September just after her birthday. You take what you can get when you live across the … Continue reading

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Fog over Seattle

I want to get to Kerry Park one day and photograph the fog/city/sun from there – until then, these (taken from our rooftop deck) will have to do. These are extra dramatic because of the clouds too…  

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