Taking my mom to Mt. Rainier


My mom came to Seattle last fall. It was a typical fall week, rainy, cloudy, grey. Not once were we able to see the mountain. She flew back to Michigan. It became this joke between us that the mountain didn’t really exist. :)

This year she planned her trip out for the first week in September – and we had great weather. Plus a view of the mountains almost every day. We got up early the last Saturday she was here and headed up to Paradise. Mt Rainier was out and the weather was warm and perfect. The sheer expanse is amazing. We hiked up the mountain approximately a 1,400 foot elevation gain.

Here are my favorite photos.


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  1. Tami Griffis says:

    This is one of those places that should be on the bucket list of anyone who loves the unbelievable natural beauty of creation. I love these photos, they really show how awesome it was up there and what a great day we had together. Thank you for taking me, I know for sure the mountain is real. Although its so fantasticly awesome its hard to believe it’s real even when you’re looking right at it.

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