Self-Portrait – August 2012

I spent a beautiful three weeks in Michigan this summer. We arrived in July and left in August. It was a trip was full of family, friends, and work. I spent one glorious afternoon sitting on a bench at Round Barn Winery listening to my absolutely favorite local band/guy ever. Mike Struwin. If you don’t know him his website is here. Round Barn (also a local MI favorite – their vodka made from grapes is Divine. pun intended. :) ) has been hosting live music on the weekends and the summer we moved to Seattle my mom and I spent an afternoon there drinking vodka slushies and listening to music. Mike Struwin was on the lineup and when he played Yes Michigan both my mom and I were in tears. I’ve seen him play live at Round Barn three times since summer of 2011. Each time he’s played Yes Michigan – and each time I swell with tears.

Here are the lyrics… (copied from the cd booklet)

I could have spent the whole day with you
Lost in the talk of dreams that might come true
Peeling away our fear we jumped right in
Three months had passed
And you were my best friend
Sun going down our toes play in the sand
Morning had come and we had our big plan
Packed up the truck and left on the next day
Your Mama cried and said the road goes both ways
Summer turns Fall the leaves change to new tones
Wondering if we could make it on our own…

Miss me while I’m gone
Take me as I am
In your open arms
I can rest my head
There’s nothing left of me
That I havn’t give
And it a long road
Back to Michigan
Yes Michigan!

Back in the day before I ran with you
My friends and I would get spun in the dunes
Laughing insane we’d watch the waves roll in
Swim in the lake it felt like an ocean

Freshwater oh the water
Always been there for me

Miss me while I’m gone
Take me as I am
In your open arms
I can rest my head
All that we can be and all I have to give
Places left to see
So much life to live
Take it as it comes let it settle in
Don’t forget to write let me know
How you’ve been
I’ll see you in July we can play again
Like the old times
Back in Michigan
Yes Michigan



… I grew up with Lake Michigan always present, always a part of my routine. I relate to these lyrics. Lake Michigan is a constant. It’s a comfort ‘watching the waves roll in’. Knowing that no matter what else changes, how some people may drift and fade, the sound of the waves crashing the shore brings comfort in a way that cures feeling homesick like not much else. This month’s self portrait… taken on the shores of Lake Michigan. Feeling a part of home always with me.


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2 Responses to Self-Portrait – August 2012

  1. Tami Griffis says:

    Well dang, here I am getting choked up just reading those lyrics.
    Miss you

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