six months in the pacific northwest

Happy 6 month anniversary!

Six months ago we packed the truck and left Michigan.

After being in Seattle for six months, here’s what I know.

1. It doesn’t rain as much as they said it would. Granted, it’s just the end of Jan, but so far this isn’t bad. Even when it’s cloudy there have been lots of days the mountains are visible. That’s more than enough for me. To those who said I would be “depressed and miserable” we can chat again in three months – but just know that as of right now – Michigan was more depressing in the winter. With places like this to sit, winter doesn’t bother me at all.

2. I am starting to know how to get places. When traffic is backed up because one of the bridges is up or there’s construction I know how to cut through the neighborhood to get home. I still have to look for signs to getting on I-5 anywhere other than the ramp I always use. But it’s good. I do prefer driving locally¬†over getting on the highways – but that’s not possible for everything. That being said, driving 5 isn’t terrible. Driving downtown Seattle is way easier than driving downtown Chicago. But I am still occasionally missing a turn and driving in circles to maneuver around one way streets. I think the worst was back in October when I missed my street three times because of construction and one-way streets. The third time I missed it just pulled over near tears and let Cory drive. It had been a long day and there is such a weird level of frustration when that happens.

3. There are tons of things to do here. It’s funny because everyone says that – but it’s true. We still haven’t done enough or explored enough. I’ve got trails and ‘hiking for kids’ routes bookmarked and highlighted. (Avoiding the trails that brag about seeing bears. um. no thanks.)

4. We have been trying to eat our way around town. There are so many options and places to try. We’ve got a favorite Irish place. And hands down, the best doughnuts anywhere, can be found at Top Pot.

5. When it snows it shuts the city down for real. We got a ridiculous snow storm and school was canceled three days in a row. They don’t plow/treat the roads (except for the snow route roads) so you literally can’t drive up/down some of the hills. The boys loved playing in the snow. I loved watching them. And watching cars slide backwards back down the hill despite the “road closed” sign. Fun Times. :)

Things I don’t know:

1. Where the nearest/cheapest gas station is in my given driving areas.

2. A really great Mexican place. We’ve eaten at one I really liked. And I’ve gotten about 3 other restaurant suggestions – but we need to find a solid.


Ok, so there’s lots of other things I don’t know. But those stand out.¬†We haven’t been to the children’s museum yet. We haven’t ventured out to lots of new parks.

We love the area we live in, even though our apartment was broken into once. We love the ease of getting downtown and having the lake nearby. I wish we had a view from here – but all in due time – or is it you gotta pay your dues first. Hmmm. Who knows. :)

We love our congregation and are starting to feel at home there. It is such a warm, open, and welcoming group of people. We’ve connected with several people and are building that network of good solid friends. Which is great. It all takes time. Opening up to new people is scary. It’s hard work. But I can tell these people will have a special place in my heart – many of them already do.

I miss my family and friends, that’s to be expected. I miss the level of comfort in knowing people and routines, and how to get where I want. The excitement of the city and all the cultural things to explore is great. And the mountains… (I can’t stress this enough) the mountains are amazing. Literally feels good for my soul.

Thanks for following with us in our journey. We are excited about what adventures the next six months hold.

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