Olympic National Park – Hoh Rain Forest – PNW Series

The long awaited post of when my mom was here and we went sightseeing on the Olympic Peninsula. I already posted our Ruby Beach trip. The second half of the day was spent in the rain forest. This is something I wouldn’t have done had my mom not wanted to. There were/are other things on my “I wanna” list and this one was further down the list. That being said – I am SO glad we went. It was awesome. It was sunny. Which I wasn’t expecting. It’s a rain forest and it seems like I read somewhere that it rains 200 days out of the year there. I can’t find that link now. I did find stats that they get 12-14 feet of rain a year.

Anyways – getting out of the car and wandering around with the sun peering through was magical and enchanting. I’m looking forward to going back when it does rain. I imagine it’s a whole different world in there with the mist and rain.

We only walked on the Hall of Mosses. Next time I’d like to walk a couple of the other trails.

The summer before this last one we went on vacation in California. We spent 3 weeks with family up and down the Northern part of the state. It was fantastic. One of the things we did was visit Fern Canyon. This was our first experience with the banana slug. Since then the boys have been hooked. So on this trip we thought it’d be rather awesome if we spotted a banana slug or two. As it turns out – we saw 9 of them. :)

There was so much to look at. So much amazing detail everywhere. The boys stopped to look up and take it all in a few times.


touching the moss to see if it was wet – yes, it was wet… (btw – do you see how big that tree is?)


super smooth tree root



We are walking along and then we passed this sign. Except I didn’t really see it or read it as we went down this path. There were huge trees all covered in leaves and moss. Cody, who read the sign, asked me ‘so these are the maple trees right?’ I replied ‘I’m not sure Cody’ – at that moment a man and his wife we passing us, he laughs (at me) and says ‘yes, these are maples’. I’m still confused how he knew they were. Walking back out the trail I see the sign. Then felt sheepish and awkward. :)

…. end of the maple grove trail …

Until next time Hoh…

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4 Responses to Olympic National Park – Hoh Rain Forest – PNW Series

  1. Tami Griffis says:

    These are really nice. That was a place that I found inspiring and fantastical. That perhaps if the light was just right, and we were quiet and still, we might have spotted the forest fairies under one of the moss covered ancient trees. As it was we saw plenty awesome things, some very small and delicate, others old and giant, that you “captured” beautifully. I love the boys touching the smooth root, that looks like it could be a little river otter enjoying a gentle touch from those sweet boys.

    • that is where the forest fairies would be – but that would require a trip without the boys as “quiet and still” doesn’t describe their style of exploration. :)
      I’m so glad you wanted to go. I’d have certainly missed out.

  2. Deb says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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