101 in 1001

A 101 in 1001 list is 101 things that I want to accomplish is 1001 days.

I’ve been debating writing one of these lists for a couple years. It occurs to me that had I written one back then I’d be able to cross a lot off, since we’ve done lots of things that were on my mental list. But I didn’t – so here it goes.

Starting day December 14, 2011 – End date September 10, 2014


1. read the bible all the way through

2. visit Rainier National Park once each season (starting winter of 2011/12) (0/4)

3. visit Olympic National Park once each season (starting winter of 2011/12) (0/4)

4. go to Cape Flattery, the most northwest point in the continental U.S, in Neah Bay, Washington

5. watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean in Washington, Oregon, and California (0/3)

6. watch the sunrise at least once a month from somewhere other than my living room (rooftop patio totally counts) (3/33)

7. go wine tasting in Napa Valley California 2-4-12 http://captureslife.com/2012/02/18/crossing-off-7-and-99-in-one-trip/

8. Drive Highway 101 from Aberdeen WA to Leggett, CA – then take Hwy 1 to San Fransisco (while I would prefer to do this in 1 trip I consider this successful if the road is driven in multiple trips)

9. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (not ride in a car, but drive it myself)

10. Visit Yosemite National Park

11. Visit the Grand Canyon

12. Visit Yellowstone National Park

13. Visit Glacier National Park

14. Visit the Badlands National Park

15. Visit the desert when the wildflowers bloom

16. Go hiking – serious hiking, with a backpack, to a high peak of some park/mountain somewhere (not in the snow/ice)

17. get a pet. this one’s more for the kids, but at some point I imagine I’ll be ready for an animal again. and by pet I mean dog or cat. no rats/mice/fish/reptiles/rodents

18. have our family portraits taken by a pro. setting up the tripod and self timer does not count

19. Stay off the internet one whole week twice each year (no email, fb, twitter, pinterest) (1/6)

20. Make 5 things I’ve bookmarked on Pinterest to make (0/5)

21. complete a jigsaw puzzle

22. read 15 books I haven’t read yet (2/15)

23. blog at least once a week for a whole year (10/52)

24. continue this monthly self-portrait thing I started last year (3/34)

25. make a family portrait book (in addition to our family calendar at the end of each year)

26. camp overnight on the beach somewhere – sleeping bag on sand type of camping

27. take the kids to Canyon Creek and camp with family

28. visit my aunt in Montana

29. visit my cousin and his family in Missouri

30. have someone take my picture on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Fransisco – and then blog it with the pic of me there when I was 16

31. take Amtrak somewhere vacation-y (not sure about going all the way to MI this way, but something with the kids for a long weekend is more what I’m thinking)

32. run a 5k

33. run a half marathon

34. run a full marathon

35. do the Hustle Up The Hancock

36. set up an etsy shop with my fine art prints

37. cook more Thai food (I’m not sure how to measure the success of this. Maybe once I perfect Pad Thai or Coconut Curry. That’s a great start)

38. go to Vancouver Island, Canada

39. go to the San Juan Islands

40. ride in a seaplane

41. figure out some sort of web backup system (is there something out there that covers my fb and wordpress?)

42. develop some sort of organizational system for client info (something better than what I have now)

43. interact on the [b] school weekly for 3 months in a row (9/12)

44. buy camping gear and use it somewhere locally

45. go on 1 photo walk a month (1/33)

46. write down all my personal photography goals. organize this into one project a month and do it, shoot, edit, blog (2/33)

47. nail SOOC shots

48. learn how to use photoshop more efficiently – specifically how to “airbrush” professional clients headshots

49. learn to cook 5 fantastic Vegan meals. Try them on the family before having Natalie and Myles over. :)

50. learn to cook 5 gluten-free meals. Try them on family before having Jessica and Jason over. :)

51. Have Natalie, Myles, Jessica, and Jason over and just order vegan gluten-free pizza from that one place.

52. update my website with new “featured” photos

53. re-do my website – new design/layout

54. have my photo taken and incorporate that into my blog/website design

55. visit Mandy in Canada

56. Go to Newfoundland Canada

57. go on a Maine windjammer cruise with Cory (at least a 3 night, more would be better)

58. Take Aunt Debbie up on leaving the boys with her for a weekend so Cory and I can have a weekend by ourselves

59. stay overnight in NYC. see a Broadway play and Times Square at night

60. see the Northern Lights

61. do a photo-shoot in the rain

62. Visit Zion National Park in Utah

63. Visit Arches National Park in Utah

64. go on a cruise to Alaska

65. catch, clean, and cook a salmon by myself, then share the eating with family

66. go clamming

67. learn how to snowboard

68. go skiing (I haven’t been since I was 16, I should probably start with “learn how to ski”)

69. Buy a counter-top compost container (and get the whole family to use it)

70. Use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer to make homemade pasta – which means buying an attachment for it

71. Come up with a personal bible study schedule/program and stick to it.

72. Buy the 35mm 1.4 lens

73. Buy, use, and master off camera lighting. I know nothing. So I’m not even getting specific here, but I’m thinking a softbox and pocket wizard is a good place to start

74. work as a 3rd/assistant for a wedding photographer

75. stay in a cabin on/near the ocean for vacation

76. watch the sun rise on the east coast somewhere

77. see a bald eagle. I’ve lived in the PNW for 5 months now and haven’t seen one yet – and I’ve been plenty of places where they should be.

78. go on a whale watching boat and see some orcas

79. take the kids to Disneyland

80. wander around each neighborhood in Seattle and take random pictures – then blog it.

81. do one blog a month with nothing but my iphone photographs (1/33)

82. print my magnolia photo on a 30×40 canvas and hang it in my bedroom

83. create and submit a video entry to be part of a Creative Live audience.

84. attend a photography workshop (I’m eying the MJ 2 day and Dane Sanders’ Fast Track Roadshow Workshop)

85. buy a dehydrator. dehydrate things (like tomatoes and mango) and mail packages to my mom

86. pick strawberries and make freezer jam out of them

87. can my own pickles with cucumbers, dill, and garlic bought at a local farmer’s market (I will have to do a bread and butter batch too, as the boys prefer those to dill)

88. go to the Fremont, Ballard, and/or Queen Anne farmer’s markets at least once a month all season (most are open from may-october, so we’ll go with that) (0/17)

89. each month print family photos and put them in an album (I’m about 3 years behind on this and it’s going to be a chore to do it now) (0/33)

90. buy a bicycle for myself – go on a family bike ride to Gas Works Park and eat a picnic/snack then watch the kids run around (this is idyllic perfection in my head)

91. buy/make/find a better system for organizing the kids art supplies. what we have now is not efficient

92. enter a photography contest 2-14-12 http://captureslife.com/2012/02/14/crossing-off-92/

93. buy a juicer – do a juice fast (similar to what Joe Cross did in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – though probably not for 60 days)

94. road trip to Michigan and back each summer (0/3)

95. bake more. get back to making homemade pies from scratch, crust and all

96. learn to sew a button on properly (don’t laugh)

97. define what “success” means to me, photographically speaking, – then achieve it (success if different for everyone)

98. organize the kids art and school projects into binders per year. right now they’re all in a large plastic container

99. go on a “girl’s weekend” done 2-4-12 http://captureslife.com/2012/02/18/crossing-off-7-and-99-in-one-trip/

100. learn to do a ‘smokey eye’ look with makeup – I’m still a bit intimidated by black eyeshadow/eye liner

101. watch a meteor shower with the family (I would love to plan this with #75)

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I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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  6. Alex says:

    Really interesting list, can’t wait to see how you do with it!

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