Ruby Beach – PNW Series

…. It stopped raining, we parked the car and walked down to the beach. The fog was rolling away and the clouds were floating apart. Things went from meh to WOW in seconds…

See, back in October my mom came out to visit. We knew we wanted to get to the ocean and into the mountains. Then came the debating of where exactly do we go and for how long. We decided to venture to the Olympic Peninsula stopping first at Ruby Beach and then Hoh Rain Forest. (that’s a separate post that will be coming in the next week or so). We got up and were out of the house by 7 am. On the road for 3 hours through rain and low fog and I was beginning to regret the decision to drive to the ocean this day. We could’ve stayed in Seattle, wondered a museum, gone to see St. Vincent while Cory kept the boys – instead we were driving 3 hours through what surely must be amazing country in the rain and fog.

Then as the fog rolled out (or up – what does the fog do when it dissipates?) we were blessed with this amazing view.

… mom enjoying the sights and sounds and smells…

The boys were happy to throw large rocks into the water over and over again, trying each time to get a bigger and better splash.

When we went to the coast with my dad we saw all these balanced rocks. Cody made a few there and he made one here too… I love this. I love that he’s taken this on as his ‘thing to do’ when we go to the ocean…

My mom is “GG” – short for Grandma Griffis. Also because it sounds cool. She drew a G in the sand with the tree limb, Gavin was thrilled ’cause, well, G is for Gavin :)

Or that’s what I though, apparently Gavin wasn’t as thrilled with the “G” as he was with the large driftwood piece…

The best part of any beach trip is finding little treasures to pocket and take home. I’ve got random jars and zip-lock baggies full of beach glass and shell pieces and weird metal things and driftwood and rocks. Lots of rocks. Gavin is used to watching me do this. This trip he took it to a whole other level. I swear he walked around with that huge rock in his front sweatshirt pocket for 10 minutes before he finally set it down. (Granted, he tried to get me to carry it – I said no. The rule is if you want the treasure you carry it to the car, and then to the house.)


one final photo – you’ve seen the tsunami evacuation route signs in other posts of mine… this one is my favorite.

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  2. Tami Griffis says:

    These photos are beautiful! Love the blog, totally agree with the apprehention of the drive, and the, “ah awesome” when the sun came out just as we got there. Thank you for that fun and beautiful day.

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