Jenni + Dan – Engagement Portraits

This is my beautiful cousin Jenni and her fiance Dan.

Jenni grew up in California. I grew up in Michigan. We saw each other every year or every other year for a good portion of our childhood. Family bbq’s and camping trips, sleepovers at her house, along with my sister and another cousin of ours we even wrote a song one time. I have our handwritten lyrics in a box somewhere. “what makes you give your last cookie away? or help me clean my room all day” (lol – sing it with me!)

When Jenni and Aunt Debbie asked me if I would consider photographing Jenni’s wedding I was humbled/scared/honored/excited, mostly excited. :) I started making plans to head down for a visit and to take some engagement portraits. We threw around a few ideas about where to take photos at. But it came down to doing them at her parents house. I can’t stress it enough – when you chose a location that is meaningful, the photos hold more weight than just pretty photos in a pretty location. Jenni’s parents, my aunt and uncle, are some of the most accommodating, welcoming, caring people I know. There is a calm and secure sense of belonging at their house. It’s one of my favorite ‘homes away from home’. I am thrilled that we took these photos here. It means a lot to me. And I’m sure to not just Jenni and Dan, but to her parents as well.


Dan, his brother, and their dad all grow a beard every fall. I think it looks good. I also think it’s pretty cool that their photos showcase what he looks like for several months every year.

When we were discussing locations I asked if they knew of any fields nearby – I got giddy when I saw this pasture at their house. Giddy. There isn’t anything better than a great field. Especially at sunset. Add two beautiful people in love and it’s magical.


Jenni – it has been amazing to see your love for Dan grow so much since you first met. You seem complete in a whole new way. I am so happy that you’ve found your soul mate. :) Dan – welcome to the family. :) You make Jenni the happiest I’ve ever seen her. And to both of you – thank you a million times over for trusting me with capturing your wedding photos. I’m honored to be part of your wedding day in this way. I love you guys!

Here are the rest of my favorite photos.

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I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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10 Responses to Jenni + Dan – Engagement Portraits

  1. Kim Kravitz says:

    Cute couple! Love the location you were able to use for this session. :)

  2. Erin says:

    Beautiful! My favourite is the first image. I agree, great location!

  3. Alexis D. says:

    Beautiful images. I LOVE the location as well. So picturesque

  4. Lacy Lange says:

    You’ve got some ADORABLE posing going on here! Nice work ;)

  5. karlo says:

    beautiful session. such a relaxed couple and great location!

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