PNW Series – Port Angeles and Sequim

Let me start by saying this isn’t a typical PNW post. I don’t have cool tidbits about these towns or tips on where to go. What I have are some photos that are dear to my heart from when we were there with my dad back in September.

I posted the first part of our trip here. After being up at Hurricane Ridge we drove into Port Angeles with the goal of getting out on this piece of land we saw jutting into the Straight. On the map it’s called Ediz Hook Reservation for Native Birds. I was excited – hoping for, well, anything. It didn’t look much like any reservation I’ve ever seen. More like a road surrounded by rock walls and driftwood trees/logs on either side. Some of the driftwood had been piled into cool shapes by adventurous people. We parked near the Coast Guard Station and got out to look around. These balanced rock sculptures were everywhere.

Cody started working on one…

Cory joined in too…

After exploring we started the drive back to Seattle. Using Yelp (I’m really loving Yelp these days – that should be a whole post on it’s own) I stumbled across a restaurant that sounded amazing. So we stopped in Sequim to check out the Alder Wood Bistro. Pulling in to the parking lot it didn’t seem like much. A house that’s been converted. From the reviews I knew I wanted to eat outside in the courtyard. We waited about 10 minutes and then were seated near a cherry tree and it was perfect. The food was arguably some of the best we’ve had since we got to Seattle, top 3 favorite meals, easily. As it was getting dark the outside twinkle lights came on. And I couldn’t resist grabbing some photos of the boys.

Then I asked them to smile for me. LoL. Oh how I love these boys. An overly fake smile and a scowl. Sounds just about perfect.

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  2. Tami Griffis says:

    Oh my goodness, this was great. I totally love everything here! The rocks are what first grabbed me, but the boys “smile for the camera” was perfect. Cracked me up completely :)

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