Justin + Megan + Tristin + Thadeus

I had the honor of meeting Megan and her family at her sister’s wedding this past summer. I’ve been looking forward to photographing them since then.

When I was back in Michigan this month we met up at her parents house to take their photos.

Meet 9 month old Thadeus. He is such a doll.

Look at that little tooth in there – no wonder he was trying to chew on the coffee table. :)

This is his older brother Tristin. Tristin is 4 and such a sweetheart. Look at those eyelashes. I hope he never out grows them. :)

He is also such a great big brother…

can you tell where the parents were standing? :)

We went outside and I was thrilled to see the milkweed was open. I have many fond memories of playing with milkweed in the fall. It’s something I was thrilled to share with my kids and I got a bit giddy to see Tristin play with it with it too. If you’ve never felt it before – find some – and touch it. Softest fluffiest thing ever. Better than blowing dandelions. A million times better.

I’ll take any excuse to photograph families near weeping willow trees. Next time I just request not to be on a super wobbly bridge. :)   I got so distracted with it I forgot to get a shot of the whole tree. Maybe next year…

One thing I make sure to do with every family session is get some photos of just mom and dad. These photos capture the love they have for each other. And in the midst of raising children, parents don’t often to think of putting themselves in front of a camera. But trust me when I say your children will love these photos. And someday, your grand kids will love them even more.

Justin and Megan. Thank you for these moments. Here are some more of my favorites.

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I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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