Arrival in Seattle

I’m a bit behind in blogging. I think it’s fair to acknowledge that I underestimated my exhaustion levels and how long things would take. So here’s a mini update… (all these photos are taken with my cell phone. so please pardon the quality.)

We spent July 25/26 packing up our truck. My dad took this photo of me when we were done Tuesday. It was a very odd emotional experience, loading all our belongings (well, almost all of them, a few things got left behind, passed on to continue with new owners) into this truck and saying goodbye to friends and family.

We drove for 4 days. Stopping here and there. (The drive itself will have it’s own blog post.)

We got to Seattle on July 30th. We parked in front of our new apartment building, walked into our new apartment, and the kids ran excitedly through the rooms, cheering over their bedroom and the balcony. Then we went up to the rooftop deck which overlooks Lake Union, and off in the distance downtown Seattle and the Space Needle. We gathered all of us in a tight little pile and I took this photo. With my cell phone. It was bright. My arms are not long enough to get us all in. This was as good as it got. Poor Cody – his sunglasses got lost somewhere along the way.


Then it was back to the apartment where Cory set up a Looney Tunes dvd on his laptop and the boys watched it while we brought up the necessities for our first night in Seattle. Mattresses, blankets, towels, bathroom stuff…

Once that part was done, and we had a place to sleep, we went up on the rooftop deck one more time, to watch the setting sun reflecting on the buildings downtown.

This is our new home…. It’s an odd feeling, that this is not vacation, this is where we live.

About Danielle Nielsen

I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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4 Responses to Arrival in Seattle

  1. Hi Danielle,
    I’ve been checking for this post too! Been wondering how it’s going for you. I’ve only lived in a 30 mile radius around these parts just like you and I know someday we will probably make a big move as well. You’re brave and I admire that. Enjoy your new photographic surroundings. Even though it’s not a “vacation,” photograph it like it was one! I look forward to seeing future updates.

    Take care and have fun.

  2. Tami Griffis says:

    Thanks for gettin’ back to boggin’. Alicia and I were just talking about your blog today. She said shes been checking every morning hoping for just this.
    As much as I enjoyed reading and seeing your pictures, there is such a sadness with it as I too come to grapple with realization that you’re not “on vacation”.

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