Matt + Sharne + Karis + Kallie

This family is adorable.

I have photographed Karis a couple times since she was born, and her mommy’s maternity pictures are some of my favorite maternity pictures ever. It’s been since the maternity pictures that we’ve done family photos. Karis turns 1 this week. (already – where did the year go?!) So we all wondered down to a beach on beautiful Lake Michigan for a sunset beach portrait session.

Kallie was way too excited to be at the beach and not be in the water. She sat for photos patiently and after that they let her go and she spent the rest of the time in and out of the water, chasing sticks Matt threw for her and pausing only long enough to shake off right next to one of us. :)

Karis loves the water. LOVES IT. It was so precious to see her get all excited and exclaiming “Wow!” (which came out as wooooow) as they were walking along the shoreline. Karis was determined to be in the water the whole time, we’d pause for a second and she’d start pulling mom and dad towards the water.

Karis was also quite content to sit and play with the rocks and sand for a bit.


… here’s my absolute favorite photo from this session. I want to see this one printed to canvas in a rather large size and hanging on a wall in your home Sharne.


The sun never did come out. We were hoping for brilliant sunset colors. … Guess we will just have to go back and take some more photos. :)

I love you guys. Here are a few more favorites of mine.

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7 Responses to Matt + Sharne + Karis + Kallie

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  2. Tami Griffis says:

    Great photos! Who needs sunshine when you’ve got such beautiful bright subjects.

  3. Susan Brent says:

    Love them! Great pics….love that family!

  4. sharne says:

    Thank you <3

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