Alyssa + Nathan – An Engagement Session

Alyssa, Nathan and I met up at a beautiful park to start their engagement session off. When starting a session I like having couples ignore me and just talk to each other. They (the men especially) tend relax a bit and be themselves. I’m not sure what the story was here but I LOVE the ease and comfort between them. I imagine them enjoying many many days of stories and laughter as their life together continues.



From here it was time for an outfit change and a new location. Alyssa – you are radiant.

Um, hello gorgeous dress and heels.

Had to include one of Nathan too. :)

I love sun flare. I try not to over use it becasue too much of a good thing is still too much… but this photo I love. :)

Did you notice how narrow the ledge is that they are standing on? When you probably can’t tell from the photo is that this little ledge is a good 4 feet off the ground. Nathan picked up Alyssa and put her on the ledge and then just jumped up there himself like he was climbing a set of stairs… or walking down the sidewalk. Let the record show I did offer them the use of my step ladder. :)

I have fantastic clients. Anytime your photographer wants you to wedge yourself onto some narrow ledge way up off the – ground trust her. It’s for a great reason…


This next location was Alyssa’s idea. I LOVE when my clients come to me with a great idea. :)

One last shot walking back to the car…

Many thanks Alyssa and Nathan. I’m looking forward to your wedding next month. Congrats again! Here are a few more of my favorites.

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  1. Summer says:

    Fantastic job Danielle!!!

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