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My husband recently told a friend of his that I was “addicted to going to the gym.” His friend laughed and mentioned his wife was the same way. My husband wasn’t being negative. Just stating the facts. I kinda rebelled at this for a split second. “I’m not addicted. I just really enjoy it.”

I got to the gym 4-5 days a week. I’m there for 2 hours each time I go.

This week I missed 2 days in a row.

I was cranky and frustrated and irritable (my poor family) the past two days. I had headaches that wouldn’t go away and a short fuse with my kids.

I admit it. I’m addicted.

The gym is me time. It’s the only time where I can focus solely on myself. I work hard. I sweat. I enjoy each and every class/workout/moment. Except for lunges. I’m not a huge fan of lunges. I tolerate them. But I’ve seen the effect on my body and for that… I’m learning to love them.

I always put 110% into each and every workout. The people that sit in class and text on their phones, or talk, or halfheartedly do the movement drive me crazy. I don’t know why they are there. Now granted. Some may have physical limitations that restrict their intensity or movement. I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about people who aren’t “there”. People who aren’t attacking each moment.

I enjoyed another wonderful day at the gym today. Boxing. There is no better way for me to get all my stress out and get a wonderful workout at the same time. I LOVE that class.

So here’s to my theory that this addiction is not a harmful one. It’s kept in balance with the rest of my life. Yet it is vital to my personal well-being.

What are your helpful addictions?

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