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When I started my photography business a couple years ago I knew one thing. When I got to the point of doing weddings I wanted a 2nd photographer. I wanted it to be my standard. For a variety of reasons. Something that anyone booking me could rely on. For about five years Desirae and I have (half-way) jokingly talked about going into the photography business together. 2011 marks the beginning of our business venture as wedding photographers. I couldn’t be happier that she’s on board as my assistant and 2nd photographer. She will be taking the role of lead photographer on April 23, 2011 for my sister’s wedding.

I want to share a little about Desirae with you. She is my sister-in-law. She’s also my friend. But that just happens to be a side point. She’s an artist with a great vision. She’s got natural sense of light and composition. She’s got great ideas and desire to be the best possible photographer she can be. She’s funny and bubbly, I can count on her to loosen a client up and get them laughing. She is also good with directing and organizing large groups of people. Something that has come in handy on a 4 generations photo shoot and will be great for weddings.

In October Desirae assisted me on an engagement session of our wedding clients Josh and Amy. These photos are ones Desirae took. The following are not only some of my favorites, but some of the clients favorite photos from their session.

Some photos Desirae took of a Mommy and Me session with Holly and Phoenix….

I loved having Desirae on these two sessions because she got some pictures of me working. Something I didn’t have before this.

photographer at beach at sunset

The following photos of me Desirae took when we were out location scouting and exploring one day.

And I have to include some I took of Desirae this fantastic day…

I posted this photo on facebook and someone asked if she was stealing the chair. No. She isn’t stealing this chair. This is my chair that we threw into the back of my car and drove around with all day, hauling it into all sorts of great locations. Desirae is just carrying it back to the car for me. :)

Desirae – thank you for being a part of my photographic journey, for singing Journey, for jumping in with both feet when I need you to, for being you. I’m super excited about our future as wedding photographers. Here are some more of my favorites photos that you’ve taken.

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I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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