A Jumbled Line of Thought(s)

I sat here at the computer for an hour after dinner reading Jasmine Star’s blog. I’m not gonna lie, as I have planned next year to be my first year of wedding photography I blog stalk some of my favorite wedding photographers regularly. And by regularly I mean every morning with my coffee I log on and check in to see what’s new in their world.

Then I realize I’ve wasted an hour and still have dishes to wash and kids to bathe and get into bed and so I jump on facebook. (because that’s exactly what I needed to do when I needed to get off the computer.) What do I see in my news feed but a link to a post by another one of my favorite wedding photographers, Gail Werner. I click w/o reading the title and about fell off my chair. Because while I hadn’t binged on chocolate chip cookies in a while I HAD just binged on the internet. And was feeling sick. “See, that’s the problem with the Internet. It’s full of so much goodness that—when we binge on it, it can make us sick.” _ Gail Werner.

Oh Gail, right on the money.

I sat there for a minute and decided to act on something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks. All this blog stalking lately has made me realize I need to blog more. I love writing. I love details and stories. Sometimes I even love talking about myself. lol. I realize that a big part of why people hire photographers isn’t just for their art. It’s because they like their personality too. Example – I’d love to have Bobbi and Mike over for dinner.

Back to the wedding thing, my baby sister (she’s 26, not a baby but always ‘my baby sister’) is getting married in April. I’m in the wedding. I can’t photograph them during the wedding while in the wedding. I made some recommendations to them on who to hire. Who I would hire if I was getting hitched all over again. And they are going a different, undisclosed route. Which is fine cause it’s their wedding. I’m ok with that. (Mainly because we’re going to Chicago for a “we did” or “day after” session and I couldn’t be happier about that.)

But that got me thinking about who is going to hire me for their wedding. People who love my work. And, if I blog more, people who love ME … and my work. Some of these people I’ve been blog stalking for over a year. I feel like I know them. I feel like we’re old friends catching up over coffee some rainy morning.

So. Here’s to starting something new. I’ve only blogged ‘personal’ stories a couple times. I’m gonna attempt at least once a month. I’m pretty sure it’ll turn into a more regular thing, but saying once a month sure doesn’t feel as overwhelming. A regular sit down and dish on what I’m doing at the moment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

About Danielle Nielsen

I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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4 Responses to A Jumbled Line of Thought(s)

  1. Patti says:

    You are so good at writing about your inner thoughts…your words become pictures in ones mind. You truly have an art. Your photos show it. You might want to consider writing a book? Maybe even children’s books? You have a true art!

  2. Kelli says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts! :)

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