Wes, Kary, Tyson, Jordan, Meghan

I love getting phone calls from old friends to do their photos. Kary and I used to hang out when we were young teenagers and even though I get to see her a couple times a year still it isn’t the same as good old one on one time.

Wes and Kary had told the kids if they behaved and did a good job that they could have ice cream AND play video games after our photo session. The kids did a fantastic job. At the very end we were wrapping it up and decided to take a few more of just Wes and Kary. Wes tolerates having his picture taken. By this point he really seemed done. So I said, “ok Wes, smile and be happy because we were almost done… which means you can have ice cream and play video games.” That’s when I got this. A real smile. And Kary’s fantastic laughter.

Their oldest son, Tyson, and I agree… there is nothing better than throwing things in water. Especially when you can climb onto a ledge and be 5 feet above the water.

I have never had a family where all the kids have such amazing eyes….


Meghan. She’s 5 months old and teething. So cute.


Amazing right?

Tyson and Jordan are very close in age to my boys. So a lot of their actions were so familiar. This was so perfect.

Wes and Kary – Thank you so much. Here are a few more of my favorites.

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2 Responses to Wes, Kary, Tyson, Jordan, Meghan

  1. Jaymee says:

    You are an amazing photographer!! I haven’t seen Kary in YEARS. She is still as beautiful as ever. And what a gorgeous family……..

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