Paul, Tamra, and Sarah – June 2010

Paul, Tamra, and 9-month-old Sarah.

It’s that time again. Time to show you how much Sarah’s grown since her last session 3 months ago.

This time around Tamra wanted to get some family pictures along with Sarah’s. We met at the beach on this perfectly beautiful day.

As it turns out it was Sarah’s first time really being in the sand. I think she liked it.

she also really liked my camera…

Sarah’s at this great stage where she’s exploring everything and checking everything out. We didn’t get the huge smiles I know she gives, but being able to document this stage and the wonder in her eyes at the dune grass and sand and water was wonderful. Tamra, it was great to see you and your family again. Thank you. See you soon.

About Danielle Nielsen

I am a photographer who loves to bring out the best in you and your life. Capturing those little moments that make you special are my favorite. I am an "on location" photographer and available for travel anywhere you'd like photos taken.
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3 Responses to Paul, Tamra, and Sarah – June 2010

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  2. Jonna Elowsky says:

    Tamra & Paul -

    She is such a beautiful little girl. What great memories these pictures have captured.

    Thanks for sharing.


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