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I realized that in a previous post I had lumped going to the beach in with the Zoo’s and other cool things we’ve done this summer. But the truth is that water -  the beach, the slip n, slide, the lake, the little pool, the slightly bigger pool at a friends house – has been such a huge part of our summer. Some of my favorite pictures – and most importantly favorite memories have come from times like these. It seems a shame not to give Water it’s own blog post. Here’s the short of it…

We’ve been playing on the slip n slide – yes, I went too… and no, it wasn’t as much fun as I remember it. I went to Walmart and bought a little pool that’s 8 feet across and 18 inches deep. Enough for Cody to play and “swim” and not too deep that Gavin freaks out and won’t get in. It’s also just enough for me to float in. They boys have had such a good time in that. We’ve also had the sprinklers out a few times. Which Gavin is thrilled about when we’re setting it up but not so much when they’re actually on. This past month we swam in a real pool. Granted it was above ground and 4 foot deep, but Cody could touch the bottom, and swim easily, and most importantly as far as he’s concerned he could jump off the edge. We’ve been to the beach a few times and Gavin has really come alive. No fear. Jumping and splashing in the water. No qualms about getting his whole head under the waves. Cody’s swimming has made huge improvements. We haven’t been to the beach nearly enough.

Cody and Aunt Lisa floating in the pool The past few days have been cool, reminding me just how much I love fall, however, I will miss slathering the boys in sunscreen and vacuuming the sand out of my car. I will miss the delighted squeals and giggles while they are playing at the beach and the waves are crashing.

Here are some of my favorite water moments from this summer. One important side note – all of these water pictures were taken with our Sanyo VPC-E2 Xacti E2 Waterproof Camcorder. A purchase my husband made that I didn’t really think much of – until I started using it. There is no way I would’ve gotten these fantastic shots without it. I generally leave my Canon at home when we’re going to be around water. :)

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  1. Victoria says:

    LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are amazing! You’ve got SKILLS! :)

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